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Working with Knytify let you access to the following features

Seamless integration

Knytify is ready for all ecommerce CMS, and also got an API ready for you. It takes 5 minutes to integrate knyfity.

Real time actionable fraud score

Don't state fraud afterwards, get an actionable score in real time during users' navigation.

Fight all fraud types

From bots to payment frauds address all types of fraud in one single solution

Configurable responses

Configure the actions you want to take for each fraud type. Armor your funnel with the associated answer to each threat.

Transparent and detailed reports

Access to transparent reports and state in real time how much you save with Knytify's technology

Dedicated success team

You are never alone to fight fraud. Our dedicated team is here to help you throughout knytify's use.

Start shielding yourself from fraud. It's free !

Our Pricing

Start working with Knytify it's totally free until 2023 !

99 /mo
  • 10 000 sessions analyzed
  • Ticketing support
  • Acces to advanced stats
  • 6 months data retention

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999 /mo
  • 100 000 sessions analyzed
  • Live support
  • 5 hours of consultancy
  • Advanced stats
  • Lifetime data retention
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4 999 /mo
  • 1 000 000 sessions analyzed
  • Dedicated support
  • 20 hours of consultancy
  • Advanced stats
  • Lifetime data retention
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We spent five monthes to create a product of high quality with never seen functions.
Now it's time for our market to tell us how much this product is solving their digital advertising fraud problem.

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